Mini Notebooks

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Covering a mini notebook is easy and makes a great gift.

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Supplies needed
Mini composition book
Two pieces of Designer Series Paper 3 X 4 ¾
One piece of coordinating Designer Series Paper 1 ½ X 4 ¾
Tear & Tape
Multipurpose glue
Glue dots

Front cover:
Apply a glue dot at the top & bottom corner of the front of the mini notebook.
Apply a thin coat of multipurpose glue to the front of the mini notebook.
Place one of the 3 X 4 ¾ print papers to the cover of the mini notebook, lining up one side of the paper next to the black binding of the mini composition notebook.
Let the glue dry, then trim excess paper using the cover as a guide.

Back cover:
Apply print paper to the back of the mini composition book in the same way as you applied the print paper to the front.

Apply tear & tape to the front of the composition book where the print paper meets the black binding. Attach the 1 ½ print paper along the edge of the tear & tape. Attach tear & tape along the inside edge at the other side of the print paper. Add multipurpose glue to spine, then wrap paper tight around the binding. Trim excess paper.

You can see me make this on my YouTube channel: