Gift card holder

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Note cards make a great gift card holder. You can use any kind of print paper to make a gift card holder appropriate for the occasion.

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This gift card holder begins with a notecard and envelope.

Cut Mossy Meadow card stock:
3 ¼ X 4 ¾
2 X 4 ¾

Cut print paper from Boughs of Holly:
3 X 4 ½
1 ¼ X 4 ¾
2 X 5 ¼

Cut 6” Ribbon of Natural Finish Ribbon.

Attach the largest print paper to the largest card stock. Attach ribbon to these papers ¾” from the bottom of Mossy Meadow cardstock wrapping ribbon around the back. Attach these papers with ribbon to the front of the notecard. I used multipurpose glue to attach the textural element to the ribbon.

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Attach the 1 ¼ piece of print paper to the 2” Mossy Meadow cardstock. I attached tear & tape to the bottom and sides of this piece, leaving the top open. Attach this piece to the inside of the notecard.

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Attach the 2” print paper to the envelope flap and trim using the envelope flap as a guide.