Covered Composition Book

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Covered Composition Books are a popular item at my Farmer’s Market stand. This is an easy project and makes a lovely gift.

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Front & Back cover:
Cut two pieces of paper 7 ½ X 10 ½. This is for a standard size composition book. If you have a different size composition notebook - Measure your cover from edge of black binding to outside edge of cover and add 1/4 inch. Measure your cover top to bottom and add 1/4 inch.

Spine cover:
Cut contrasting paper 2 X10 ½ . Again this is for standard size composition notebook.

Adhere paper to Composition Book:

I start by putting a glue dot in the upper & lower corner of the composition book. Apply a THIN stream of liquid glue to edges of notebook cover, through the center, and next to black spine. Attach paper, line up paper next to black spine. Paper will stick out top, bottom, and front edge. Let glue dry a couple of minutes and then trim paper so it is even with edges of notebook.

Repeat for back of the notebook.

Apply tear & tape along black spine, along the print paper you applied to the cover of the notebook.

Cut 14" of ribbon.

Adhere ribbon to top of spine so that most of ribbon extends out beyond top of spine. I used tear & tape to adhere the ribbon in place.

Remove backing from the tear & tape you attached along the edge of the black spine on the front of the composition book. Attach spine paper cover to front of Composition Book along edge of print paper.

Add some liquid glue to black spine.

Place tear & tape to the back side of spine paper. Wrap this paper around the spine, adhere to the back of the notebook.

Carefully trim spine paper so it is even with the notebook.